Prime Cuts 2012

Tempo's Prime Cuts programme supports established New Zealand dance artists in a stunning season of cutting edge dance that expresses both passion and innovation.  A festival favourite, this year's programme includes offerings from Ojeya Cruz Banks, Geoff Gilson and Mark Pulsford, Christina Houghton, Kelly Nash and Janine Parkes.

 Prime Cuts is proudly supported by  Wallace Arts Trust



Choreographed and performed by Ojeya Cruz Banks

Espritu Tasi/ The Ocean Within/ I respect water is a solo dance based on an ecological exploration of waters of Gůahan/Guam. Using movement qualities of water that surround my home island, this choreography explores ocean characteristics such as waves drawing in and breaking, the strength of particular currents and the converging of different flow forms, subtle and peaceful motion, the changing tides, the abyss, and liquid gravity.  These features of oceanic water are used as metaphors to explore narratives of the Chamorro Diaspora identity.  This work was developed at the Pacific Dance Choreographic Laboratory and premiered at Mangere Theater in Auckland in 2011 and performed at the BlakDance festival this year.

Water Slides -

Choreographed and performed by Christina Houghton

Millicent is an enthusiastic but dubious dance-scientist engaging in a series of domestic experiments. She wants to know how domestic actions impact on aquatic spaces. In doing so, she has created WATER SLIDES an experiment in slowing down, noticing temporal cycles of tides, observing the unseen, and experiencing watery environments through liquid perception.







Choreographed by Kelly Nash 

I don't know what happened before these woman came to the stage. I am hoping they might have changed skin.

 Seven woman who move into personas they inhabit and co-habit, to pursue an emotional truth and dance a comedy, revelling in the tragedy and joy in authenticity.






Choreographed by Janine Parkes

What is built up must fall, what is born must die. Three women traverse the boundary between life and death in this stark and beautiful dance investigation.





AYAHUASCA - Created and directed by Mark Pulsford; choreographed by Geoff Gilson

Mark Pulsford is a Lecturer at AUT in Digital Design. He works with Dancers here in New Zealand and in Japan to create contemporary dance routines. He uses experimental computer software, enabling drawing with light to create 3D real time animated drawings that move in space. Ayahuasca is a multi media dance and video installation, that has been exhibited in Nagoya Japan as a video installation and now is being performed live at Tempo. Ayahuasca’s choreographer is Geoff Gilson, dancers are Victoria Szerdi, Shannon Mutu (pictured) and Eric Beltran with Jeff Henderson’s music.





There is little doubt that the selected choreographers in this programme are in their prime – and that they make the cut - as far as delivering work that is stimulating and enervating.
Jenny Stevenson, Prime Cuts, Theatreview, 2011


 Five very different worlds are evoked by the beautifully crafted dance works which comprise Prime Cuts
 … the collection provides richly satisfying viewing.
Raewyn Whyte, Prime Cuts, Theatreview, 2009


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