Announcing the whY Chromozone line-up

 A ballet legend, ‘boylesque’ star, circus performers and exciting new choreographers and dance artists feature in whY Chromozone


We’re excited to announce the line-up for whY Chromozone.


This festival favourite returns to question our perceptions of male identity through daring new performances by exciting choreographers and acclaimed dance artists. 


Showcasing the vivid spectrum of masculinity in all its many forms – from traditional to more experimental – expect raw power, sensuality, cheekiness, strength and subtle vulnerability in a showcase like no other.




·      Royal New Zealand Ballet legend Sir Jon Trimmer and RNZB dancer William Fitzgerald in Loughlan Prior’s ‘Lark’, exploring issues of aging and performing as an older dancer


·      Former Mr Gay NZ Chris Olwage in his outrageous ‘boylesque’ work ‘Bluebird’


·      The Dust Palace guest artist Jay Clement performs ‘Asmodeus’, exploring ideas around sex, gender stereotypes and the frivolity of life


·      Performance artist val smith in ‘Enough’ featuring ‘hair-raising’ costume design


·      Waacking soloist Earl De Castro from Street Candee Dance Company in ‘Liberate-He’, reviving this highly stylistic dance form made popular in the LA gay club scene in the 1970s


·      Cyr Wheel performer Joe Carvalho


·      ?^? from COVEN’s Cypris ‘Fang’ Afakasi and Gabriel ‘Princess’ Halatoa

·      IDCO next generation dancers Swagganauts


·      Award-winning solo work ‘Knot’ by Unitec graduating student Oliver Carruthers


·      New Zealand School of Dance student Connor Masseur reflects on identity in ‘This Is A Thing’


·      Stephen Hidalgo’s ‘Me, Myself But Why?’


·      Fenjay Sapon’s piece ‘Outcast’ performed by a quartet of Unitec graduating students



·      Teenager Dane Head’s ‘Peasant Pas Male Variation from Giselle, Act 1’

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