The Available Body
A workshop with Brian Carbee
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Wellesley Studios
113-115 Wellesley St
3 hours

A three hour workshop designed to access and explore the body’s vast potential for movement and expression.


As creative artists, we are charged with bringing our whole being to bear on the work that we create and/or perform. Our minds and bodies have to be fully available to ourselves, to the people we work with, and to the process that drives us from first inspiration to final performance. 


Using sensitivity exercises, contact improvisation, task work, choreography and the laws that govern bodies in motion, we will seek to make the body/mind more responsive to the world around us, more attuned to our creative impulses, and better connected to the ideas and energy at the core of a choreographic objective. We will also play with ways of experiencing choreography so that its performance feels spontaneous rather than a pre-packaged product. 


Often as dancers, we can become so concerned with achieving mastery over movement material that we neglect to mine it for its secrets or explore its hidden depths. The Available Body workshop will give you some tools to dig deeper, to unlock and unleash movement, to make you available to its expression, so that you (and the movement you liberate) can flourish, and surprise, and captivate.


This workshop is presented by IndepenDANCE in partnership with Wellesley Studios. 

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