LOST + FOUND [dances of exile]
Carol Brown and The New Zealand Dance Company
Friday 06 October 01:00pm
Friday 06 October 03:30pm
Friday 06 October 05:45pm
Saturday 07 October 01:00pm
Saturday 07 October 03:30pm
Saturday 07 October 05:45pm
Q Theatre
305 Queen St
30 minutes

Shapes of the past, journeys of exile and creative resilience, gestures of hope and defiance.  LOST + FOUND [dances of exile] is a performance event directed by Carol Brown for people on the move. Through hidden and unknown spaces throughout Q Theatre, the performance unfolds through reenactments of dances of the past.


Flashing by, as if in a moment of danger, dancers from The New Zealand Dance Company perform traces of ecstatic, eccentric and expressionist choreographies from the archives of Shona Dunlop-MacTavish and the Bodenwieser Tanzgruppe. Exiled from Nazi Europe in 1938, Dunlop, a dancer with the company, secured the company’s safe passage to Wellington in 1939.  


LOST + FOUND  is an homage to enduring creativity.  Survival strategies, extreme states and the contingencies of exile emerge to punctuate the present as the performers recuperate and remix archival traces.  With a sound design by Russell Scoones, performance design by Kasia Pol and movement direction by Thomas Kampe, the edges of Q Theatre resonate with voices, images and gestures in a contemporary blast from the past.  


The live, site-responsive performance is complimented by a documentary film that will run during the festival. Filmed by Meek Zuiderbyk and edited by Owa Barua, the film releases archival images from the Bodenwieser Tanzgruppe through The New Zealand Dance Company dancers re-inhabiting of the legacy.  


The film and the performance together invite audiences to consider what vibrates at the borders of dance through its archival traces; to engage with a living museum of enduring human expression.




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