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I had the privilege of seeing a development showing of Louise Potiki Bryant’s Ngaro earlier in the year.  I’ve always loved Louise’s work and the brilliant way she integrates film and AV into her performances.  Add in some infectious beats by Paddy Free and textile couture by Rona Ngahuia Osborne (I loved her funky boutique Native Agent that used to be in Kingsland) and you’ve got a recipe for something quite extraordinary.


Once upon a time, Tempo had a blog.  I used to write about my adventures in Danceland via the Dance Stuff blog.  And then life happened, I got super busy (and a bit lazy) and the blog went by the wayside...


... BUT IT'S BACK!  And it will be better than ever!  I don't even know these people in the photo but they look really excited about it too.  Thanks y'all.


Tickets on sale now!

Here is a sneak peek at what's in store for Tempo 2017!







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